Unhappy with your advisor

If you have doubts about the professionalism of an advisor or believe a product sold does not suit your needs, if possible, try to ask the advisor for more information about the products sold to you. Explain what you do not like – nothing beats a good conversation!

If this individual is your own advisor and if the circumstances allow for it, review your financial situation with them, as well as your expectations or financial objectives. Clarifications from both sides could be sufficient to improve the situation.

If you are still not satisfied, contact the firm or dealer to which your advisor is attached, if that is the case, in order to speak with another advisor or the manager of the firm or dealer.

If the previous steps are unsuccessful or if you prefer not to have a conversation with the advisor in question depending on the context and the state of your relationship with them, you can submit a request for an investigation to be opened. Here are a few reasons that may justify submitting a complaint:

  • You are not satisfied with the services you received,
  • You can't get certain explanations or information;
  • You believe that the advisor has failed to comply with ethical rules, legislation or regulations relating to the conduct of his or their business.

If you desire, you can make a complaint to the syndic by requesting an inquiry by downloading the request for investigation dynamic form. You will need to complete the form, save it and send it to the email address: demande-enquete@chambresf.com. It is also possible to send a postal inquiry request form (print and fill it out by hand).

Who can ask for an inquiry?

When can a request for an inquiry be filed?

Who can be the subject of a request for an inquiry?