Protection of the public

Your recourse

Are you worried about or dissatisfied with your advisor’s work? Has your advisor failed to meet their obligations or committed a breach of ethics? If so, you can make a complaint to the CSF syndic.

Unhappy with your advisor?


You have doubts about the professionalism of an advisor or believe a product sold does not suit your needs? If possible, try to ask the advisor for more information about the products sold to you. Explain what you do not like – nothing beats a good conversation!

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Ethical conduct and Discipline


Every year, the CSF conducts more than 500 investigations to ensure the protection of financial services consumers. Find out about the role of the Syndic and the Disciplinary Committee as well as the decisions rendered.

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Other recourse


Consumers of financial products and services who are dissatisfied with the services received from a representative may have other alternatives.

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