Record management - General obligations

Standards governing file and record keeping aim to protect both clients’ and representatives’ interests.

For the representative, these standards primarily aim to ensure clients’ information is safely and effectively managed in terms of their collection, use, communication, preservation, access and destruction.

The principles protecting the right to privacy must guide the representative when managing his clients’ information.

Often, the representative collects and keeps a considerable amount of information. In light of this, adopting adequate record keeping practices and an appropriate filing method, as outlined in regulations, can be an excellent way to save time and increase professional efficiency.

This may also be a competitive benefit in that it improves the quality of services offered to clients, ensures accurate and professional follow-up with clients, and prevents misunderstandings and conflicts.

Whether the representative conducts his business as an independent representative or for a firm, independent partnership, or a brokerage, he must ensure he understands and follows record keeping regulations applicable to his field of practice

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