General obligations

The ethical rules that apply to marketing primarily strive to maintain the image and credibility of the advisor profession. Although an advisor may highlight the quality of his services, his conduct must always demonstrate dignity, discretion, objectivity, and moderation. Like other professionals, the advisor practices his profession by providing advice, not simply selling financial products and services.

This in particular is why his representations, both in advertising and soliciting clients, are governed by ethical rules.

An advisor must always be careful. Even with the best intentions, he may be held liable if he makes inadequate representations.

This is why, no matter the marketing tool used (website, social media, telemarketing, e-mail or newsletter), all of the advisor’s communications must comply with:

  • applicable rules in the scope of his relationship with his client
  • general obligations that apply specifically to business development activities described below


Attached, employee, or associate advisor

The brokerage, company, or firm to which the advisor is attached, or for which he is an employee or associate, may have specific requirements in terms of rules to follow regarding representation. Generally, no logo, advertisement, or other marketing tool can be used by an advisor without advance approval from the applicable brokerage, company, or firm. Specific rules also apply to independent representatives as well as independent firms and partnerships regarding advertising and marketing.


Names and titles used

In all communications with clients, the advisor must mention the name he uses in Quebec in his practice, as registered with the Autorité des marchés financiers (the Autorité), as well as the titles under which he conducts his business.