Press release June 15, 2022

ProLab 2022: time for the human touch

The art of connecting with your customers

Montreal, June 15, 2022 – The Chambre de la sécurité financière (the “CSF” or the “Chambre") held the third edition of ProLab, its annual training event, earlier today under the theme “The Art of Connecting with Your Clients”. For this edition, ProLab placed a special emphasis on the human element, especially after two years of pandemic. ProLab is a unique opportunity for Chambre members to pursue their professional development by offering topics relevant to their practice, while respecting their ethical obligations. Close to 400 people gathered in Montreal for these in-person training sessions, which provided them with two professional development unit (PDU) in compliance and one PDU in general subjects.

ProLab 2022 participants were able to attend two high-level conferences. The first one, with researcher Hélène Belleau, Ph.D., examined the financial dynamics of couples and the second one, with well-known speaker Guillaume Dulude, Ph.D., neuropsychologist, helped shed light on the relationship of trust between advisor and client.

“Following in the footsteps of previous editions, ProLab 2022 continues to explore innovative themes surrounding the practice conditions of the profession in a context where protection of the public must be ensured. The CSF understands the future challenges facing the practice of its members and is putting its resources to work to help advisors in their practice and to support them in the face of the challenges of both today and tomorrow,” concluded the CSF’s President and CEO, Ms. Marie Elaine Farley

ProLab 2022, like the Chambre, is aligned with the changing environment of advisors, which is evolving due to technological changes on the one hand, but also due to the changing needs and expectations of consumers of financial products and services.

Top-notch presentations

Hélène Belleau, Ph.D., an INRS researcher, helped participants understand the financial dynamics of couples, so they can better support and advise clients who are in a couple. She was able to draw lessons from a wide range of sociological data regarding the lives of couples in Quebec that can help advisors better understand their clients who are living in a dynamic that is sometimes complex and prone to taboos regarding personal finances. Ms. Belleau's presentation was followed by a roundtable discussion with the participation of Fabien Major, MBA, F.Pl., Adm.A., and Hélène Marquis, LLL, D. Fisc., F.Pl., TEP, both recognized professionals in the financial services industry.

Neuropsychologist and moderator Guillaume Dulude, Ph.D., continued the second part of the program and demystified the client’s relationship of trust by using neuroscience to support the advisor’s approach. Members were able to see that the basics of communication are scientific and that no matter what medium one uses to communicate, there are ways to do so effectively and to increase engagement. A client who enters into a relationship with his or her advisor will feel more comfortable opening up about his or her personal situation, and this will allow us to offer services or products that are more appropriate to his or her reality and that meet his or her needs.

Journalist Nancy Audet, who also acted as lead researcher for the Norbourg film, hosted the ProLab 2022 edition and moderated the roundtable.

ProLab 2022 available for replay

Starting next Fall, for those who were unable to attend the June 15th event in person, it will be possible to take the ProLab 2022 training sessions virtually. The members of the CSF will be informed as soon as they can register online as well as the duration for which these trainings will be available.

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