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Love and money: Asking questions should not be awkward

MONTREAL, November 2, 2022 – Can love and money make for a happy home? Do unmarried couples really have less constraints? Can a breakup hurt your portfolio? These are the questions that the Chambre de la sécurité financière (CSF), in collaboration with actor and comedian Mehdi Bousaidan, hopes Quebecers will think about.

“The CSF’s mission is to protect the public, and one of the supporting pillars for this work is professional development and continuing education for our members,” explains Marie Elaine Farley, CSF President and Chief Executive Officer, adding that: “This fall, we decided to focus on the varying dynamics of couples’ financial habits because the issue is related to many obligations for finance professionals and triggers serious ethical questions. However, when analyzing data collected to inform our members, we realized that they raise many questions related to the long-term financial health of Quebecers, and we believe its important to share our findings with our fellow citizens.”

To this end, humorous videos on the financial dynamics of Quebec couples will be posted on social media throughout November, which uncoincidentally happens to be Financial Literacy Month. Their purpose is to raise awareness among consumers — and specifically couples, married or living together — of the long-term impacts of everyday decisions. More importantly, these videos will remind viewers not to hesitate to ask questions and talk with a financial service advisor, whose professional obligations mean he or she must always put their clients’ interests first.

These videos were created following a survey conducted by the CSF on the financial habits of Quebeckers in a relationship. They were written in collaboration with sociologist Hélène Belleau, professor at the INRS, with whom the CSF has recently partnered to aid in supporting the development and continuing education of financial service professionals.

Available in French only, the videos will be posted on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. They are in addition to our previous series on the theme of personal finances, which can be viewed on the CSF’s website.

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