Article December 1, 2021

The period has ended - What happens if I don’t comply?

The 2019-2021 reference period ended on Tuesday, November 30, at midnight. Have you fully met your Professional Development Requirements
To check your number of completed Professional Development Units (PDUs), you simply need to go to your PDU Record to see the PDUs you’ve earned during the previous period.
Please note that during the transition period, your PDU record will be inaccessible until December 6, 2021

You don’t comply? Then your situation is one of the following: 

I completed my PDUs before November 30, but did not add them to my PDU Record before the deadline.

If you have omitted to enter certificates of attendance for training activities you participated in before November 30, 2019, the CSF grants you an extension until January 10, 2022,

To add them to your PDU Record, you can send them to Please note that a $31-fee (plus tax)* will be charged to any representative who enters attendance certificates after November 30.
*Exceptions may apply if the activity completion date is near November 30, 2021.

I am missing PDUs for the 2019-2021 period.

If you have not accumulated the total PDUs required to meet your continuing education obligations, the CSF will send you a notice of non-compliance within 30 days of the end of the reference period.

A possible notice of non-compliance could be issued by the Autorité des marchés financiers in early 2022*, confirming your lack of PDUs.

Only then can you remedy the situation by filling in the missing PDUs.

*(date of suspension determined by the AMF)

This also means that any PDUs accumulated between the beginning of the new reference period and the licence suspension date will be applied only to the new period.


I submitted an exemption request

Representatives who confirm that they are suffering from an illness, are on parental leave, or are caregivers, may benefit from an exemption from professional development.

All exemption requests received after November 30, 2021, will be processed before the AMF sends the suspension notice and your record will be updated accordingly.


Extra PDUs?

Have you accumulated extra PDUs between September 1st  and November 30, 2021? If so, you may carry these PDUs over to the current period, directly in your PDU Record. 

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