Simplified summaries of the decisions of our Disciplinary Committee

The CSF in collaboration with SOQUIJ, publishes simplified summaries of decisions rendered by its Disciplinary Committee for the benefit of consumers. These summaries deal with the most common ethical misconduct committed by advisors and are in keeping with the CSF's mission to protect the public.

They are intended to be an additional tool for advisors and consumers to understand the actions taken that constitute a breach of ethics, to demystify the practice of our members, and to support consumers in their relationship with their advisors.

These decisions can be appealed, and a stay of proceedings can be sought before the Court of Quebec.


The summaries of these decisions are provided for information purposes only. Each case is unique and many factors, including aggravating and mitigating factors, will influence the decision of the Disciplinary Committee.

Explanatory tables

These explanatory tables detail the offence committed by an advisor.

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Summaries of recent decisions of Disciplinary Committee decisions

These summaries are a simplified presentation of the various cases heard by the CSF’s Disciplinary Committee.

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