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Focus on current trends in financial advice

Montreal, April 18, 2023 - As social networks continue to grow in popularity, finfluencers are reaching an increasingly large audience. The latest issue of CSF+ magazine, published today, includes a major feature on “Social Networks - Investing with Influence“. As with any source of information, it is important for investors to make informed decisions and seek advice from qualified professionals. The Chambre de la sécurité financière (CSF) wants to inform its members so that they are well prepared to answer questions from their clients who may have been influenced by social networks.

“The advent of digital technologies and their rapid evolution are transforming many sectors, including financial services. Faced with these new dimensions, we must remain on the lookout for new trends, react quickly and be open to the new realities of consumers in order to implement tools and services that will help advisors maintain excellent practices and advice, because trust in the financial products and services industry is critical to fulfilling the CSF’s mission to protect the public,“ said Marie Elaine Farley, President and Chief Executive Officer of the CSF.

In this spring issue, readers will also find an article entitled “The Big Payout“. According to Retraite Québec, by 2030, more than one in three households in Quebec will be made up of people aged 65 and over. For CSF members, this means that the number of clients entering the downsizing phase will continue to grow. However, this new phase in a clients life does not necessarily mean the end of their financial services needs, but rather the beginning of a period marked by significant changes and events, during which the proposed strategies will be most valuable.  

Also in this issue, you will find new content that complements the great feature on Millennials and an article on domestic partners in business that enhances the Love and Money dossier.

The CSF team will be on the road on April 20 and 27 in Saguenay and Gatineau to discuss with you the changes observed over the past few years and the emerging issues. Visit the CSF website to learn more and to download the full magazine.

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