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A promising second season for the "Un bon conseil" podcast by the CSF

Vignette un bon conseil

Montreal, February 7, 2024 - Building on the success of the initial run of its podcast series Un bon conseil, the CSF is thrilled to announce the launch of a second season consisting of four equally informative and captivating episodes. The new episodes are now available (in French only) on the CSF's website.

Host Élyse Marquis engages in discussions on current issues with notable guests, including Julie Baillargeon-Lavergne, Public Curator of Quebec, Hélène Belleau, a sociologist and full professor at INRS, as well as Fabien Major, a financial planner and wealth management advisor. The conversations cover a wide range of timely topics, such as financial inequality among women in retirement, the protection of clients in vulnerable situations, the role of financial services advisors on social media, and real-life experiences of buying and selling client portfolios.

"We are delighted to provide our members with a new source of information covering crucial themes to support the quality of their advisory services while promoting impeccable professional ethics. This is just one of the many facets of the work we do to protect consumers of financial products and services," emphasizes Marie Elaine Farley, President and CEO of the CSF.

Additionally, each episode is complemented by a quick capsule, hosted by Geneviève Beauvais, a specialist in professional law and Chief Quality Practice Officer at the CSF, reminding advisors of the main ethical obligations related to the discussed topics.

All productions are broadcast on the CSF's website and are accessible to both members and the general public through the most popular podcast apps. The CSF remains committed to sharing its expertise and promoting transparency in the financial sector.

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