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Nominations to the Board of the CSF: 2023-2024 Term

Montreal, June 15, 2023 - On the sidelines of the Annual General Meeting of the Chambre de la sécurité financière (CSF) held on June 8th, the board of directors reappointed Mr. Gino-Sébastian Savard as Board Chair. This marks Mr. Savard's third term as President. Two Vice Presidents were also appointed, namely Ms. Anne Côté and Mr. Sylvain De Champlain, for their fifth and third terms respectively.

"I am honored by my re-election as President of the board and I warmly thank my colleagues for this vote of confidence," said Mr. Savard. "I am very proud of the numerous transformative projects that were delivered and launched in 2022: our Quebec supervision model is a reference in the industry, and the CSF is a credible and respected organization thanks, among other things, to the expertise and commitment of our directors. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Ms. Chantal Jobin, elected director in the field of brokerage for education savings plans, and our newly appointed directors named by the Minister of Finance, namely Mr. Richard Blain, Ms. Nancy Chahwan, Mr. Eddie Leschiutta, and Ms. Suzie Prince."

"I would also like to acknowledge the contributions of the outgoing members of the board, namely Ms. Paulette Legault, Mr. Georges Morin, Mr. François Ramsey, and Ms. Sophie Vallée. Thank you for your support throughout your term," added Mr. Savard.

The board of directors is composed of members elected by their peers and five independent directors appointed by the Minister of Finance of Quebec:

  • Ms. Daniela Altgauzen
    Elected Director - Mutual Fund Dealer
  • Mr. Guy Barbeau, MBA, CCP
    Elected Director - Group Insurance of Persons
  • Mr. Richard Blain, MBA, ICD.D, Fellow CRHA
    Independent Director
  • Ms. Nancy Chahwan
    Independent Director
  • Ms. Anne Côté, LL.B., DSA, ICD.D
    Vice-President, Head of the Governance and Ethics Committee
    Independent Director
  • Mr. Sylvain De Champlain, F.Pl., C.L.U.
    Vice-President, Head of the Human Resources Committee
    Elected Director - Mutual Fund Dealer
  • Ms. Chantal Jobin, B.A.A., CPA, CGA
    Elected Director - Scholarship Plan Brokerage
  • Mr. Jean-Sébastien Jutras, F.Pl.
    Elected Director - Insurance of Persons
  • Mr. Eddie Leschiutta, FCPA, ICD.D
    Independent Director
  • Ms. Suzie Prince, CRHA, CPA, MBA, ASC
    Head of the Audit and Finance Committee
    Independent Director
  • Mr. Alain C. Roy, R.L.U., B.B.A.
    Elected by the CSF's members at the annual meeting in 2022
  • Mr. Gino-Sebastian Savard, B.A., C.L.U.
    Board Chair
    Elected Director - Insurance of Persons
  • Mr. Jean-Philippe Vézina, F.Pl., M. FISC.
    Elected Director - Financial Planning

Multidisciplinary Skills of the Future

Starting in the fall of 2022, the CSF has consulted its members and conducted workshops with compliance officers, professional development officers, and distribution officers to identify the essential skills that professionals must master to continue meeting the needs of their clients and fulfill their responsibilities. This process will help define the CSF's strategy for professional development and quality of practice, as well as the scope of its continuing education offerings.

The key skills identified, which were presented during workshops at the Annual General Meeting of elected delegates on June 8th, are as follows:

  • Genuine consideration for others and the ability to adapt to a diversity of individuals, enabling a strong consumer-oriented approach to financial products and services;
  • Interpersonal skills such as active listening and the ability to express oneself with impact and influence—maintaining a strong network of contacts and generating new business opportunities are also key abilities in achieving business objectives;
  • Mastery of numerous complex solutions and meticulousness in performing work—emphasis is placed on the ability to learn and the commitment to continuous development; and finally,
  • Collaboration and the need to work with various other professionals, whose complementary expertise will allow for the comprehensive coverage of client needs.

"We will leverage the work on skills and market monitoring to develop our strategy and, potentially, professional development pathways. The next step in the process will involve determining how to promote access to continuing education, which formats to prioritize, what methods and technologies to use, and most importantly, how to engage professionals," said Marie Elaine Farley, President and CEO of the CSF.

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