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Mission: Protecting vulnerable individuals

Montreal, July 21, 2023 - Financial services professionals who are members of the Chambre de la sécurité financière (CSF) have the obligation to advise their clients in their best interests and to know them well enough to offer products and services that suit them. Due to the trust built over the years and the highly personal exchanges required for proper financial planning, members of the CSF are often well-positioned to detect signs of vulnerability and even financial abuse. However, many situations require increased vigilance and caution on their part, especially when addressing delicate subjects. This is why the latest edition of CSF+ magazine includes a comprehensive report on working with elderly and potentially vulnerable clients, addressing topics such as the increasing indebtedness of seniors, the cost of aging at home, and incapacity.

"Our members are increasingly involved in planning financial resources in case of a loss of autonomy and called upon to collaborate with their clients' caregivers. That's why we are working to inform and equip financial services professionals through additional articles or training activities. For example, in addition to this new dossier, we organized a webinar with the public curator of Quebec, in collaboration with Option consommateurs, to raise awareness among our members and the public about the new provisions of the Law aimed at better protecting people in vulnerable situations," said Me Marie Elaine Farley, President, and CEO of the CSF.

In this summer edition of CSF+ magazine, readers will also discover articles on several other current topics, including investments in the exempt market and the importance of cybersecurity in the financial industry, as well as interviews with speakers from the recent ProLab CSF training event.

The new report on the elderly and vulnerable clientele and the complete magazine can be accessed on the CSF website.

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