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Prolab 2023


Montreal, June 8, 2023 - Earlier today, the Chambre de la sécurité financière (CSF) held the fourth edition of its annual ProLab event, a major continuing education conference. Under the theme "A World in Motion," the event focused on upcoming changes within the financial services industry and the concrete impact of advisors' counsel on their clients and society at large. Over 400 advisors gathered in Montreal to exchange ideas and enhance their knowledge in responsible investment, ethics, and leadership.

"Adapting quickly and maintaining best practices in an industry undergoing profound changes is a significant challenge, especially considering that the financial services industry will be one of the most affected by climate change and technological advancements. The CSF understands the upcoming challenges and seeks to ensure that its members have the necessary tools to meet the highest professional standards in a changing context where public protection continues to be of the utmost importance," stated Marie Elaine Farley, President and CEO of the CSF.

Organizing a large-scale annual training event like the ProLab is one of the many ways in which the CSF supports the professionalism of its members.


High-level conferences

The first part of the event focused on the impact of financial services advisors on their clients, society, and the world. Three prominent speakers, Laure Waridel, Ph.D., eco-sociologist and co-founder of Équiterre, Éric Salobir, President of the Human Technology Foundation, and Robert Dutton, Associate Professor at HEC Montreal, discussed the link between various aspects of advisors' work and their own expertise. From the tremendous impact of climate change on the financial industry to the importance of placing humans at the center of technological developments, as well as the essential qualities and skills necessary for the success of future leaders, they inspired participants in the face of impending paradigm shifts.

In the second part, a panel discussion on client transfer, moderated by renowned journalist Isabelle Maréchal, revealed that approximately a third of the attending advisors are considering transferring or selling their clientele within the next five years. This data reflects the trends observed within Quebec society, which must prepare for the growing effects of an aging population. The discussion focused on advisors' obligations towards new clients and ex clients, encompassing both independent representatives and employees of financial institutions.

"CSF members have a great responsibility towards the many people who place their trust in their hands, and the CSF is there to support them, especially in this ever-changing world where challenges abound!" concluded Ms. Farley.


Conference recordings available for CSF members

For CSF members who were unable to attend the event in person, the ProLab 2023 conferences will be made available on the CSF's continuing education platform. Their availability will be announced in the CSF's newsletter. Together, the two training sessions provided one professional development unit (PDU) in compliance and two PDUs in general subjects.

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