Press release

Living abroad: a feature on migratory clients in the magazine

  • The CSF magazine provides advice and best practices to prepare for these stays
  • Montréal, July 10, 2024 – The Chambre de la sécurité financière (CSF) is delighted to announce the publication of the latest edition of its magazine, CSF Mag+. Readers will find, among other things, an extensive feature dedicated to migratory clients, those Quebecers who settle abroad for varying lengths of time. While most are still "snowbirds" escaping the winter, financial services advisors interviewed for this feature observe an increasing diversity of destinations and reasons, whether personal or professional.

This feature delves deeply into the financial and legal challenges faced by temporary expatriates. Different regulations govern foreign investment operations, and anticipating certain financial transactions can be crucial due to legal restrictions that may complicate executing instructions from abroad. Additionally, owning property south of the 45th parallel, though appealing, involves various tax obligations, especially during transactions. Being well-informed is therefore essential. These are just a few of the topics covered in this comprehensive and informative feature.

"Members of the CSF assist their clients with various life projects. By planning their temporary expatriation with a professional, Quebecers can avoid costly surprises and legal and tax complications. The impacts vary depending on the country, and being well-prepared makes all the difference," emphasized Daniel Richard, Vice-President, Community Relations, at the CSF. "This edition of the magazine includes numerous tips and best practices to guide advisors and their clients in their preparations."

Also in this issue of CSF Mag+, the CSF reports on its Annual General Meeting and recounts its rich and fascinating history, from the origins of a group in 1906 with the formation of an insurance advisors association, to its evolution into a true multidisciplinary self-regulatory organization essential for public protection.

The magazine is available for free on the CSF’s website (in French), in addition to being distributed to all its members.