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CSF Magazine publishes a dossier on Retraite Québec

Montreal, April 15, 2024 – The Chambre de la sécurité financière (CSF) is delighted to announce the publication of the latest edition of its magazine, CSFmag+. At the heart of this edition lies a major dossier dedicated to Retraite Québec, exploring the various aspects of the Quebec retirement system and providing its readers with essential information to help savers make informed decisions for their financial future.

"Retraite Québec-administered plans are one of the cornerstones of retirement strategies. Understanding how they work and positioning oneself to maximize their benefits is of interest to all savers in Quebec," emphasized Daniel Richard, Vice President, Community Relations, at the Chambre de la sécurité financière. "By leveraging their knowledge, professionals who are members of the Chamber of Financial Security can explain to clients how these plans fit into the overall retirement savings landscape and what strategies can be adopted to generate the portion of retirement income not covered by public plans," Mr. Richard added.

This spotlight on Retraite Québec comes as coverage under the Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) becomes more generous. The income replacement rate is indeed set to gradually increase in the coming years, following the entry into force of the complementary plan since 2019. This increase, which will be phased in until 2065, represents the largest enhancement to the plan in 50 years. Meanwhile, the needs of future retirees are also growing.

Retraite Québec is responsible for administering the QPP, public sector pension plans, and the Family Allowance, as well as overseeing supplementary retirement plans and voluntary retirement savings plans. Additionally, the organization contributes to promoting retirement financial planning.

The dossier includes an interview with René Dufresne, President and CEO of Retraite Québec, and draws on interviews with other managers and specialists from the organization. Several financial services advisory professionals also share their perspectives.

Furthermore, this issue of CSFmag+ presents the results of a comprehensive survey conducted by the Chambre in collaboration with ÉducÉpargne, INRS, and Léger, focusing on income disparities in retirement between men and women. These results are particularly significant as they follow the major dossier presented in the magazine's previous issue. Readers will therefore have the opportunity to discover the key data and implications of this study on the reality of women and men in Quebec regarding their retirement.

Webinar on Women's Savings

CSF and ÉducÉpargne also invite the public to participate in a free webinar to be held on April 24, bringing together several experts to discuss women's savings. This webinar will provide an interactive platform to discuss survey results, share perspectives, and explore solutions to reduce income disparities in retirement.

CSF is committed to providing quality resources and information to support its members' practice. The publication of the CSFmag+ magazine three times a year is part of this effort to continually better fulfill its mission of protecting the public. To read the full magazine, click here.


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