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The CSF examines retirement income inequalities between women and men

Csf Fall 2023
The Chambre de la sécurité financière (CSF) announces the release of a new edition of its magazine, featuring an in-depth investigation into retirement income disparities. The experts interviewed offer data-driven insights, shedding light on income gaps between women and men in retirement and emphasizing the structural and social causes that may contribute to them.

"The professionals within the CSF bear significant responsibilities; they must assess the specific needs of their clients and safeguard their best interests. To this end, we are committed to providing our members with comprehensive information and tools on a range of topics, including social factors that may impact the financial well-being of their clientele. As a result, Quebecers can depend on a community of skilled professionals devoted to the protection and advancement of their clients’ interests," said Marie Elaine Farley, President and CEO of the CSF.

This magazine issue also addresses regulatory updates applicable to CSF members. The CSF Mag+ is published three times a year, in French only, by the Chambre de la sécurité financière for its approximately 34,000 members. These professionals work in the fields of mutual funds, life insurance, scholarship plans, financial planning, and group life insurance.

To follow up on this investigation, the CSF will soon announce several initiatives that will reach both its members and the general public. This will include Quebec-specific data on the issue of retirement income inequality between women and men, as well as an awareness campaign to be conducted with several partners.

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