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Continuing Education Opportunity at Laval University

Alerte ethique : Entre theorie et pratique, quels defis aujourd'hui?

Montreal, May 23, 2023  - The CSF is pleased to announce an agreement with the Université Laval to support the 2023 summer school program of its Institute of Applied Ethics (IDEA). Entitled L’alerte éthique – entre théorie et pratique, quels défis aujourd’hui ?, the three-day training program is currently being recognized: the set of 8 conferences should allow CSF members to accumulate no less than 9 PDUs in compliance and 10 PDUs in general topics!

Thanks to whistleblowers, illegal or ethically dubious activities are regularly exposed to the public or reported internally in all sectors, including the financial sector. Financial advisors are in an excellent position to identify situations that warrant whistleblowing, for example, when they become aware of a violation of law by a colleague, client or third party, or when they are asked to commit such a violation. In addition, they have a duty to promote the protection of the public and to act as a conscientious advisor.

But, can an advisor become a whistleblower despite their duty of loyalty and their obligation to protect the personal and confidential information of their clients? The purpose of this training is to raise participants' awareness of best practices in ethical whistleblowing and whistleblower protection, and to develop a better understanding of the legal standards governing whistleblowing and its consequences in labor and civil liability law. It will lead to reflection on the implementation of an organizational infrastructure that facilitates ethical whistleblowing and allows for the appropriate management of complaints.

The training will take place in person at Laval University from August 29 to 31 and is offered in French only. The preferred registration rate, available until June 15, is $650. The registration deadline is July 15.

For full details and to register, visit the Institute of Applied Ethics website (available in French only).

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