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Appointment of 68 members to the CSF's Disciplinary Committee for the 2024-2026 term

Annonce du comité de discipline

Montreal, February 20, 2024 – The Board of Directors of the Chambre de la sécurité financière ("CSF") announces the appointment of 68 CSF members to serve on the disciplinary committee, a key pillar in the protection of the public. The mandate of the members, who were chosen following a rigorous process, will last for three years in accordance with the Act respecting the distribution of financial products and services ("ARDFPS").

"The Disciplinary Committee plays an important role in maintaining consumer trust in the financial product and service distribution industry, in addition to maintaining the highest standards in terms of ethics and quality of the profession, underlines Me Marie Elaine Farley, President and CEO of the CSF. The rigor, integrity, professionalism, and expertise of the appointed members will allow us to ensure this important mission".


Role of the CSF's Disciplinary Committee

The role of the disciplinary committee, whose president is appointed by the Minister of Finance of Quebec, is to hear and decide the outcome of disciplinary complaints filed by the syndic of the CSF. CSF members who practice in individual insurance, group insurance, financial planning, scholarship plan brokerage, or group savings may be subject to such complaints if they violate the Securities Act, the ARDFPS, or one of their regulations.

"It should be noted that the members of the disciplinary committee who took office on January 1st this year must undergo training related to their important responsibilities and must sign a solemn commitment beforehand, specifies Me Amélie Lemay, secretary of the CSF's Disciplinary Committee. The CSF wishes to thank all those who have expressed their desire to contribute to the important work of the disciplinary committee".


Renewal of Me Claude Mageau's mandate

The Minister of Finance of Quebec has renewed the mandate of Me Claude Mageau as chair of the CSF's Disciplinary Committee, in accordance with the ARDFPS, until February 28, 2026. Me Mageau has held this position since March 1, 2017, having previously acted as vice-chair.


Appointment of Me Marie-Josée Bélainsky as vice-chair

The Chair of the Disciplinary Committee, Me Claude Mageau, has appointed Me Marie-Josée Bélainsky as vice-chair of the CSF's Disciplinary Committee, succeeding Me Janine Kean who retired in 2023. The extensive legal experience of Me Bélainsky, with over 40 years in the service of law, notably at the Professional Liability Insurance Fund of the Chambre des notaires du Québec and the Quebec Bar, makes her a valuable addition to the CSF's Disciplinary Committee. Me Bélainsky, who took office on January 26, 2024, thus begins a three-year term.

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