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2022 Annual Report

vignette communiqué de presse rapport annuel 2022
The Chambre de la sécurité financière (CSF) is proud to present its 2022 Annual Report under the theme “Connected to the future”. With the protection of the public at the heart of its mission, the CSF has worked throughout the year to continue its important transformation and to strengthen its collaboration with its partners, as well as to create various tools to support its members in their professional practice and, as a result, to better inform consumers of financial products and services.

Digital Transformation: Dealer/Firm Portal

Developed in 2022, the Dealer/Firm Portal is a brand-new platform designed to support CSF members by allowing them to share their continuing education file with their compliance team. With this tool, compliance and training managers can help their advisor teams by supporting them in their training journey.

Key partnerships: from AI to ethics to better protect the public

For several years, the CSF has been working with its partners to raise awareness of its mission and increase its impact. Particularly noteworthy is the work done with Canadian and European partners on the importance of improving data while ensuring ethics in the field of artificial intelligence. Also noteworthy is the important collaboration with the National Institute for Scientific Research (INRS), which is helping to deepen knowledge of the social aspects of financial security; with the University of Sherbrooke, which is exploring the links between disciplinary financial law and the integration of information technologies in the regulatory sector; and finally with ÉducÉpargne, with which the CSF is working to promote the financial health of Quebecers.

Unprecedented scope and success of the annual ProLab event

Continuing education is at the heart of the CSF’s mission, and the organization of an annual training event is a major opportunity to contribute directly to the acquisition of skills by its members. The return of indoor events after the pandemic allowed the ProLab to evolve and host over 400 participants. With a focus on client engagement, the event was a great success, with a 99% satisfaction rate, and the CSF plans to expand the ProLab and its continuing education offerings in the coming years.  

A stimulating work environment

While staff retention is a major concern for many institutions and organizations, the CSF has a turnover rate of less than 5% and an exceptional engagement rate of 89%. This success is directly attributable to CSF’s significant efforts to improve internal communication and foster greater collaboration between teams.

“Our 2022 Annual Report reflects a busy year. We have undertaken numerous efforts to enhance the skills of advisors and share information on topics relevant to their practice, all with the goal of better protecting the public. The CSF is a credible and respected self-regulatory organization because of its members' involvement in its operations. Their knowledge of the realities in the field, their willingness to adapt their practices, and their involvement allow us to remain innovative and relevant. This report shows that members are very satisfied with the CSF, with an 81% satisfaction rate,” said Marie Elaine Farley, President and CEO of the CSF.

“The CSF has become a dynamic, value-added organization in the financial ecosystem because of the expertise and dedication of its many stakeholders and staff, who play a critical role in protecting the public and advancing both the organization and the profession. The outstanding work of the CSF staff in implementing projects allows us to continually raise the bar,” added Ms. Farley.

To learn more, download the CSF 2022 Annual Report (in French).

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