Article November 1, 2023

End of the continuing education period 2021-2023

The continuing education period 2021-2023 is now over, marking the conclusion of the two-year continuing education period, the CSF is committed to assisting you through this process. We've compiled a list of essential information to help you sail across the finish line.

1- Proadvice: Mandatory course in compliance

Make sure that you've completed the mandatory ProAdvice course during the current or previous period (required once every 4 years).

Mandatory course

If you have not completed it yet, it is available on the CSF website and must be completed by November 30. Choose the formula that suits you and your area of expertise. If you have already purchased the course, or if you are in the process of completing in, you will find it in the My training tab. 

WARNING: If the mandatory ProAdvice course is not completed by November 30, 2023, a notice of non-compliance will be sent to you.


2- Record all your training certificates

To maintain the compliance of your record and avoid seeing your certificate or registration category suspended, it is crucial to accurately record all your pre-November 30 training in your continuing education record. Even if you have completed the required PDUs, they will not be counted unless they have been recorded. 

Don't hesitate to contact your training providers to swiftly obtain your training certificates, which should be entered into your PDU record before November 30, 2023.

PLEASE NOTE: Activities completed in excess, between September 1, 2023 and November 30, 2023, must also be entered in your PDU record to be able to carry them over to the next period (PDUs carryover will be available as of March 2024, from the Priority for PDU postponement tab).


3- Exemption from Continuing Education

If you have been off work for four or more consecutive weeks, due to parental leave or disability for example. the number of PDUs required may be reduced, prorated to the length of your absence. Complete the online form within your PDU record, attaching the necessary supporting documents, and allow up to 15 working days for processing.


To apply for an exemption request from the CSF, please follow the next steps:

  • — Please log in to your Member’s area.
  • — Click on your name, at the top right of the page and click on My PDU record.
  • — Click on Request for exemptions.

Request for exemption


At the bottom of the page click on The online form will appear:

New exemption

Please fill in the fields by clicking on the tabs on the right, then click on Save.

WARNING: For the request to be processed, you must email all the required proof to


4- University courses

PMany college or university courses can be recognised as PDUs. To do so, please fill out the "Application for recognition of PDUs – University or CEGEP Course form that you can access in the Guides and Forms section and attach the required documents.


5- Canada-wide recognition

Through a Canada-wide agreement, training courses taken outside Quebec can be recognized by the CSF. Fill out the Canada-wide recognition form and attach the required documents.


6- Continuing education courses 100% CSF

We are excited to inform you that you can now access the complete list of our 100% CSF CE courses directly by following this link. VThis list includes a variety of courses that enable you to earn PDUs in various categories, including free training. Seize this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and achieve your continuing education goals.

If your PDU record for the continuing education period 2021-2023 is not compliant, the CSF will send you a non-compliance notice in early December. This notice is not (yet) the suspension of your right to practice.

At this point:

  • — If you have not yet entered all your completed PDUs before November 30, 2023, do it immediately. This could prevent the suspension of your right to practice. Fees of $35 + taxes will apply for any request to enter training certification.
  • — If you have attended training sessions for which you have not yet received your certification, make sure you can enter your PDUs in your record before December 30.
  • If you are on leave and have applied for a continuing education exemption before November 30, you will be able to complete your missing PDUs when you return to work.
WARNING: If you have not accumulated the required number of PDUs for the 2021-2023 period or completed the mandatory ProAdvice course, this is not the time to catch up. You must wait for the suspension notice issued by the Autorité des marchés financiers. PDUs completed after December 1st will only be counted for the new period (2023-2025).


January 2024: Preliminary Suspension Notice

If you are still in default of PDUs for the continuing education period 2021-2023, the Autorité des marchés financiers will send you a preliminary suspension notice in January 2024. This notice is not (yet) the suspension of your right to practice.


February 2024: Suspension of Right to Practice

The license suspension notice (suspension of the certificate and/or your registration category) confirming your PDUs default is officially issued by the Autorité des marchés financiers.

IMPORTANT: Suspension of your right to practice (suspension of the certificate and/or your registration category) means you are no longer authorized to conduct your professional activities in the financial services industry.


This is when you need to complete your missing PDUs for the past period. Once the PDUs have been entered and your record is compliant, the CSF will inform the Autorité des marchés financiers, which will lift the suspension of your right to practice within 48 hours of receiving the information from the CSF.

PDUs to complete