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Conseiller agréé en avantages sociaux (C.A.A.S.) designation

The Assurances et rentes collectives program developed by Université Laval, which is the result of an initiative of the CSF in collaboration with leaders of the financial products and services industry, is specifically designed for group insurance and group annuities representatives as well as employee benefit and human resources professionals.

This distance learning program leads to the title of Conseiller agréé en avantages sociaux (C.A.A.S.), a professional designation similar to the North American title of Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (C.E.B.S.).


This professional development program, which is a part-time program, consists of the following ten courses and totals 30 university credits (900 PDUs):

  • Programmes gouvernementaux de prestations
  • Principes fondamentaux des régimes d’assurance collective
  • Application des régimes d’assurance collective
  • Régimes de retraite et mécanismes de revenu de retraite
  • Fondements de la rémunération
  • Rémunération des cadres
  • Gestion de l’actif
  • Gestion stratégique: ressources humaines et rémunération globale
  • Économie de la santé
  • Introduction à la planification financière personnelle


In addition, certain blocks of courses in the program lead to three professional certifications issued by the Chambre de la sécurité financière, namely:

obtention of the professional designation

You have followed the courses from the programme Assurances et rentes collectives from University of Laval or you hold the designation CEBS( educational pathway of 8 courses)?

Download this form (only available un French) to obtain right of use Conseiller agréé en avantages sociaux (C.A.A.S).


The admission requirements, registration procedure and course availability are determined by Université Laval. Generally, candidates must hold a diploma of collegial studies (D.E.C.) and have relevant experience.



Autorité des marchés financiers
Desjardins Financial Security
Manulife Financial
Fonds de développement professionnel
Sun Life of Canada


Canada Life
Canadian Pension and
Benefits Institute (CPBI)
SSQ Financial Group


Quebec Blue Cross
Industrial Alliance
La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services Inc.
The Maritime Life Assurance Company
Standard Life of Canada


LS Mutual Life Insurance Company
The Excellence Life Insurance Company
L’Internationale, cie assurance-vie
Regroupement des consultants
en avantages sociaux du Québec (RCASQ)


Allan Breau et Associés inc.
Joslyne Gagnon
Saputo Inc.

For more information about the certificate in group insurance and annuities, please contact the department of professional development and quality of practices at 514-282-5777 extension 2276, or toll-free at 1-800-361-9989, or contact Université Laval.