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Chambre's Committees

The Board relies on the support of the many CSF committees to back its decisions. The committees are advisory bodies. The Board gives the committees the mandate to discuss certain topics that will facilitate decision making and render it more effective. The committees analyze the topics arising from the mandate. They give an account of their work to the Board and make recommendations if necessary. The Board must ratify a committee’s recommendation to render it operational.

  • Governance Committee
    This committee shall respond to specific requests from the Board of Directors or, in exceptional circumstances, from the Chair of the Board, and advise them with respect to all matters of CSF governance so as to ensure that the structures in place are representative, efficient and ethical.

  • Professional Training and Development Committee
    This committee shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding its policies, orientations and principal types of involvement with respect to the professional training and development of the CSF's members.

  • Audit and Finance Committee
    This committee shall monitor the CSF's financial viability with a view to ensuring the continuity of its activities and shall ensure that the CSF has implemented an adequate and effective audit process. This comittee shall in particular recommend the annual budget to the Board of Directors.

  • Regulatory Monitoring Committee
    This committee shall advise and make recommendations to the Board of Directors on issues and trends pertaining to the regulation of the financial products and services industry and the CSF.