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Composition of the Disciplinary Committee

The Disciplinary Committee is composed of lawyers and practising members of the Chambre. The chair and vice-chair, who are lawyers with at least ten years of experience, are appointed by Québec’s Minister of Finance, while the practising members of the Chambre are appointed by the Board of Directors. The chair’s term cannot exceed five years, while the term of office of the other members of the Disciplinary Committee cannot exceed three years.

A disciplinary complaint is heard by a subgroup of the Disciplinary Committee composed of three members: the chair or vice-chair, and two other persons who work in the same sector (or registration category) and the same marketing sector* as the representative who is the subject of the complaint.

* There are three marketing sectors: The first marketing sector is formed by the representatives who pursue activities for a firm that is a deposit institution; the second marketing sector is formed by the representatives who pursue activities for a firm that is a financial institution or a person related to a financial institution, other than a deposit institution; and the third marketing sector is formed by the remaining representatives.


Me Claude Mageau


Awaiting appointment

Substitute Chairs

Me Marco Gaggino

Me Sylvain Généreux

Me George Hendy

Me Janine Kean

Me Gilles Peltier

Members 2014-2017

Joël Badan
Gisèle Balthazard
Adélard Berger
Robert Benson
Benoît Bergeron
Jean-Michel Bergot
Diane Bertrand
Marc Binette
Louis-Georges Boily
Éric Bolduc
Robert Chamberland
Richard Charrette
Dyan Chevrier
André Chicoine
Suzanne Côté
Pierre Décarie
Jacques Denis
Shirtaz Dhanji

Silvie DiPietro
Armand Éthier
François Faucher
Christian Fortin
Louis-André Gagnon
Marc Gagnon
Claude Gauthier
Michel Gendron
Louis Giguère
Mona Hanne
Patrick Haussmann
Guy Julien
Sylvain Jutras
Jean Lachance
BGilles Lacroix
Serge Lafrenière
Jasmin Lapointe
Alain Legault
Ndangbany Mabolia

Pierre Masson
Michel Mcgee
Jean Ménard
Hugo Neveu
André Noreau
Gilles Pellerin
Denis Petit
Stéphane Prévost
Monique Puech
John Ruggieri
Frédérick Scheidler
Kaddis Sidaros
France Stewart
Claudette St-Germain
Bruno Therrien
Antonio Tiberio
Felice Torre
Dominique Vaillancourt



Substitute secretary


Assistant secretaries