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The advisor who is a member of the CSF is a professional who has a duty to put your interests ahead of theirs. They must carry out an exhaustive analysis of every client’s specific financial situation in order to recommend the products that meet the client’s needs and goals.

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The CSF works to inspire consumer trust in the financial industry by overseeing the continuous development, ethics, and discipline of members. This allows them to offer the best possible services to their clients. Because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, the CSF is committed to closely supervising the practices of its members and providing them with the means to constantly improve their skills.

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One of the key ways to protect the public is to make sure members comply with professional development requirements and adhere to the industry’s best practices through continuous training. The CSF deems it immensely important to provide members with the high-quality tools they need to meet these requirements.

The CSF ensures that members adhere to a professional code of ethics. Advisors have an obligation to maintain their level of skills, act with honesty, and have an in-depth knowledge of their clients’ needs. The syndic investigates in an independent and confidential manner and may submit a formal complaint to the disciplinary committee. On average, the CSF handles more than 500 requests for investigations every year. For its part, the disciplinary committee penalizes inappropriate behaviour and permanently or temporarily strikes about 30 members off the roll every year.

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