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icone-outil Toolbox

The toolbox contains a wealth of information for your practice! Don’t hesitate to print any document out so you can regularly consult it!

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Multidisciplinary tools

Tools Sectors and registration categories
Mutual funds and scholarship plans Insurance of persons and financial planning Group insurance of persons

Know your client (KYC)

Survival guide for productive discussions

Monitor the evolution of a client's capacity

Technology and the protection of personal information

Mutual funds and scholarship plans


Talking openly about fees

Insurance of persons and financial planning


Review of existing coverage

Reasons for replacing an insurance policy

Dynamic Tools

Balance sheet template

Estimating the current cost of living (before death)

Estimating the cost of living after the death of an adult

Tax due upon death

Cash assets available at the time of death

Estimating the annual income to cover following a death

Group insurance of persons


Group insurance FNA

Required mandate for group insurance of persons

Group insurance recommendations