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Let's stay in touch!

Remember to inform us when you change your email address or phone number so that you can receive all the important information on your PDU record, such as a reminder from the CSF that you’re missing PDUs near the end of the reference period.

You can change your email address in your PDU record in the Members’ Area of the CSF website. Be aware that the system security measures of some banks or firms may send CSF emails to junk mail. Keep an eye out for them.

You can inform us of a new phone number by calling the CSF information center at 514-380-3011.

Check your PDU record regularly

You are responsible for making sure your PDU record is up to date. It’s easy because you can do it online, in real time. Just access your PDU record on the CSF website. You can view the PDUs already earned, enter proofs of attendance or request a PDU postponement.

Professional development requirements

CSF members must meet professional development requirements in order to continue practicing. These requirements are described in the Professional development requirements section of the CSF website.

Representatives must accumulate at least 30 PDUs per reference period: 10 in general subjects; 10 in compliance with standards, ethics and business conduct; and 10 in topics specific to each sector or registration category in which they are authorized to practice.

PDUs must be accumulated over a period of two years. The current period ends on November 30, 2019.

How to enter proofs of attendance

As of December 2019, CSF will no longer enter proofs of attendance that members send by email, postal mail or fax. Representatives can now keep their own records up to date.

Go to your PDU record, click on Enter activities and type in the recognition number found on the proof of attendance. The name of the course will appear automatically. Then enter the date by clicking on the calendar, and the number of PDUs will display. All that’s left to do is click Save.

You can get an exemption if you’re sick or on parental leave

Representatives who are having health concerns, on parental leave, or who are caregivers, can request an exemption from continuing education. They must be absent or on leave for at least four consecutive weeks.

A permanent exemption can be provided in the event of a critical illness. Attention: individual representatives, not the firm, are responsible for notifying the CSF of their situation. To do so, they need to complete the Exemption Request form in the Professional development requirements section and send it to the CSF with any supporting documents.

Exemptions are also granted to representatives starting out in a new sector, for one year from the date the permit is obtained. Be sure to check your PDU record regularly: a reference period lasts two years, so the number of PDUs required may vary.

Don’t waste your extra PDUs!

Representatives can carry over their extra PDUs to the following reference period. Many members forget this fact and end up wasting time.

The number of PDUs carried over cannot exceed five and they must have been accumulated during the last three months of the reference period.

In order to be carried over to the 2017–2019 reference period, extra PDUs must have been obtained between September 1 and November 30, 2017. You must carry out the PDU transfer yourself in your online file, you have the entire reference period (two years) to do it.

How to purchase professional development training courses

CSF training courses can be purchased online on the CSF website. Only credit card payments are accepted.

The pages of the CSF website are secure, you can enter your personal information with complete confidence.

Attention: courses must be completed within six months of purchase, except for the mandatory course, which is valid for one year. Please also note that training purchases are non-refundable.

Essential: the mandatory ProEthics course

In addition to being valid for one year after purchase, the mandatory ProEthics course must be completed during alternating reference periods (every four years). If you completed it between December 1, 2015 and November 30, 2017, you won’t need to take it again during the reference period from December 1, 2017 to November 30, 2019.

Training courses address topics such as knowing your client, signature, social media and the Notice of Replacement. Various bundles are available on group savings or scholarship plans, insurance of persons and group insurance of persons. Some bundles offer you the opportunity to take courses in these three sectors, regardless of your registration category.

Depending on the bundle purchased, courses earn you between three and six PDUs in compliance exclusively.

How CSF annual membership fees are calculated

CSF membership fees are voted on at the annual general meeting. They are governed by the Règlement sur la cotisation de la Chambre de la sécurité financière (only available in French), adopted in January 2016, which provides for annual fees to be indexed on January 1st of each year according to the rate of increase in the general consumer price index (CPI) on September 30 of the previous year.

In 2019, annual fees amounted to $320, based on an indexation of 1%.

The CSF is a professional organization that is almost entirely funded by membership fees. This self-regulatory model lends the organization a flexible and effective structure that costs less for the industry.

Showcasing CSF membership

Representatives can tell their clients about their CSF membership. Membership indicates that the representative is allowed to practice and is supervised by a recognized self-regulatory organization.

However, representatives may not imply that the CSF recommends their services in particular.

If you use the CSF logo on your business card or communications, you must use the version that includes the words “member of the CSF”

The CSF logo must always be separate from other commercial images, such as a firm’s logo. It cannot be modified (shape, colours, proportions, etc.) or used as a watermark, and must always be clearly legible.

Representatives can request the version of the logo that includes “member of the CSF” by email to