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The integrity of the Chambre de la sécurité financière’s visual identity must be maintained at all times. The CSF’s logo may be used by partners who have entered into an agreement with the CSF or by any person who has obtained the CSF’s written approval.

1. Conditions of use

  • The logo must conform to its original form. It is strictly forbidden to modify all or part of the elements that comprise the CSF’s visual identity.
  • The visual identity must be handled as an image and reproduced using the original files available (eps, jpg, tiff, gif) and only for its intended use. Only digital versions must be used, any other mode of reproduction is prohibited.
  • Representatives who are CSF members should consult the provisions of the Code of ethics of the Chambre de la sécurité financière (R.S.Q., c.D-9.2, r.1.01) pertaining to the use of the CSF’s visual identity.

The CSF’s Department of communications is responsible for preserving the CSF’s visual identity and ensuring compliance with the above conditions. If you have any questions, please contact them at 514-282-5777 or toll-free at 1-800-361-9989.

Composition of the visual identity


The CSF’s visual identity represents the solidity, competence and rigour of an organization dedicated to protecting the public. By providing mandatory training, a framework of support and a code of ethics for its members, the CSF contributes to the financial health of investors. Thus, the logo’s cross symbolizes health.

The ochre colour is quickly associated with the financial world, while the solid black lends an air of seriousness and stability to the logo’s composition.


The CSF’s visual identity is composed of the following elements:

  • The graphic symbol;
  • The name of the organization or signature “Chambre de la sécurité financière”;

Please note that the version of the logo that includes “member of the CSF” is available from the Department of communications.

3. Use of the visual identity

3.1 Applications, official colour palette, CLEAR ZONE, minimum size


The optimal application of the visual identity consists of colours on a white background (1) and should be favoured. The black and white version (2) is also optimal when used on a white background in publications where colour cannot be used.

In certain cases, the visual identity can be applied on a colour background or on a photograph, but proper judgment must be used when doing so (3). Examples (4) and (5) show applications that are acceptable because they retain the appropriate legibility of the visual identity.

The CSF’s visual identity must always appear as it was originally created, in regards to both form and colour. The layout and colours must never be altered.

The visual identity must always appear with the organization’s name unless with authorization from the CSF’s Department of communications.


The selected colours form an part integral of the CSF’s visual identity. They must be used in all graphic applications. Please make sure to use the appropriate colour combination for the support selected.


In order to ensure the integrity and legibility of the CSF’s visual identity, a clear zone must be kept around it. This zone is equal to 0.75X, that is to say 75% of the height of one of the rectangles in the visual identity or the space between it and the organization name, as shown below. This clear space is included in all formats of available files, it must not be altered.


The minimum dimension of the visual identity is defined by the width of the symbol and of the signature with 1 ¼ inch in width for printed material. For digital communications, the minimum dimension is 170 pixels. A “under 200 pixels” version has been produced for this purpose. Please request it if needed.


The logo must never be altered or used in a way that tarnishes the brand image. Here are a few examples of what not to do.

3.3 Accompanying font

The accompanying font is the typeface chosen for all typographic compositions associated with a brand. It forms part of the overall brand image resulting from a visual identity and contributes to the uniformity of all communications. The CSF has chosen the font Gotham. It is a simple font that is both modern and classic and offers very good legibility. It also has the advantage that it can be used in a slightly condensed version (Gotham Narrow). It should be noted that certain media, such as the Web, may limit the use of certain fonts. If necessary, the font Arial can also be used.

Only the signature “Symbol of financial health” can be placed near the visual identity. No other signature can be used with the visual identity, unless the CSF has given its written authorization to that effect.

The minimum dimensions and required clear zone are the same as described above. All reproductions of the visual identity must be made using the original file supplied by the CSF upon request.

4. Printed materials, promotional items, signs and electronic media

Every request to use the CSF’s visual identity will be subject to its prior approval.