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The CSF upgrades its structure for more agility and enhanced innovation capabilities

June 01, 2020

The Chambre de la Sécurité financière President and CEO, Me Marie Elaine Farley, announces a major enhancement to the CSF’s structure and operations, allowing it to become more nimble and increasing its innovative ability by focusing more on the evolution of the profession and its purpose to protect the public. Two well-known figures of the financial community are joining the team to plan required changes: Lyne Gagné becomes Vice-President, Members & Profession, and Me Annick Laberge becomes Vice-President, Community Relations. These two new positions will allow better alignment of departments to increase public protection, as well as continually improve regulating efforts with regard to the profession.

Lyne Gagné, Vice-President, Members & Profession

Previously, Lyne Gagné held the position of Vice-President of Operations, Québec, at IG Gestion de patrimoine, where she was notably in charge of ensuring the development and implementation of the strategic plan, in addition to advising the President on trends and innovations in the financial services industry. As part of her new role, she will ensure the professionalism of financial service advisors by considering the evolution of the industry, including new issues related to artificial intelligence and data security. Three departments will report to her: the Department of professional development, the Syndic’s Office, and the Department of regulatory monitoring.

A manager who is recognized for her leadership, attention to detail, determination and the excellence of her work, Ms.Gagné’s experience includes several years as leader of the training team at IG for the Québec region. One of the key things she is known for is her ability to build collaborative environments, as well as long-term relationships. She holds an MBA for working executives from Université de Sherbrooke, as well as a BAA from Université du Québec à Montréal. She also holds a IAS.A designation from the Institute of Corporate Directors, which actually awarded her the Diversity Grant. Familiar with the Chambre de la sécurité financière, Ms. Gagné served on the Chambre’s Board of Directors for more than 11 years, including four years as Chair of the Board.

Me Annick Laberge, Vice-President, Community Relations.

Annick Laberge has been working at TD Bank Group since 2009. As part of her new role, she will be responsible for the CSF’s notoriety among the various communities. She will also provide the information centre and customer service department with best business practices to meet emerging needs. Her responsibilities will include the development of strategies for market releases and innovative communications that are targeted according to the changing needs of the profession and the evolution of practices. The Communications Department and Customer Service, now both within her authority, will be able to better align their actions to develop a general, integrated approach to community relations.

At TD Bank Group, Me Laberge notably held the roles of Associate Vice-President, Regional Support, and Associate Vice-President, Communication Services. Among other things, she developed and implemented growth strategies for the Québec region, internal and external communications, community relations, as well as customer experience. She is renowned for her efficient and meticulous management of large teams, as well as her deep understanding of the many markets and communities.

A new state of mind at CSF

"These changes to the CSF structure are in line with the directions of the 2019-2020 strategic plan and will foster collective intelligence in achieving the Chambre’s mission. I take great pride in the fact that we can now rely on Lyne Gagné and Annick Laberge. These new talents are a major component in the development of a modern institution dedicated to public protection, within a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. The new alignment of teams, focused on innovation and agility, will help the organization meet its new challenges to constantly improve the way it protects the public and serves the profession," states Me Farley.

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