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COVID-19 — The CSF is here for you

March 18, 2020


The CSF respects the directives from government authorities regarding preventive measures related to the appearance of COVID-19. To allow our activities and services to continue, we have implemented various measures including teleworking. Our teams are still actively supporting you during this unprecedented time. You can contact our Information and member services centre; all requests sent by email or phone will be addressed as quickly as possible.

Given the measures implemented to limit the spread of the virus, here is some advice to help you continue your professional activities. 

Proactivity and transparency 
Due to this exceptional situation your regular activities may be disrupted. We understand that the next weeks will probably be difficult and your work methods may have to change. While the usual client service standards may not apply, we recommend that you manage your clients’ expectations as much as possible during this period of uncertainty. Be proactive with them and emphasize transparency, for example by advising them of a reasonable response time for their calls and by giving information about market volatility.

Confidentiality and protection of personal information
If you are asked to work from home, we encourage you to pay particular attention to the protection of your clients’ personal information. Your obligations regarding confidentiality remain the same, no matter if your clients’ personal data is in a desktop computer, a tablet, a cell phone, the cloud or in physical files.

In the Technology and protection of personal information tool, you’ll find a range of measures that you can implement—if you haven’t done so already—to reduce risks and protect the personal information of your clients.

For example:

  • Ensure that passwords used on mobile tools are hard to decipher;
  • Never let anyone else use a professional device containing personal data. Not even at home.
  • Avoid using a public computer, or someone else’s device, and do not use public Wi-Fi networks. Instead, use a VPN secure connection.

Financial institutions, companies and brokers have been working hard to ensure activities continue. Inform yourself about the measures implemented and feel free to contact your Compliance Department.

We also invite you to review the bulletin Plan de continuité des activités — Pandémie Coronavirus published by the Autorité des marchés to learn about the measures recommended for financial service firms, their representatives and employees, as well as for independent partnerships and independent representatives.

We appreciate your continued confidence. If you have any questions about your professional practice, we invite you to consult InfoDéonto (In French) or contact the Information and member services centre by email ( or by phone (1-800-380-3011).

We will continue to monitor the evolution of the situation and keep you informed. In the meantime, the health and safety of everyone are of prime importance. Please take care of yourself, your loved ones and your clients.

The Chambre de la sécurité financière team