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The RREGOP : learning more to help clients to make the right choices

The RREGOP (Government and Public Employees Retirement Plan) is the largest defined benefit pension plan in Quebec. As this plan has changed significantly in the last few years, are you sure you’re aware of all the terms and conditions? With the upcoming renewals of various collective agreements, having detailed knowledge of the plan is essential to properly advising your clients. This training activity covers the following key points:

  • Features of the RREGOP
  • Various retirement options available to members before making their final decision (e.g., assessing the feasibility of a buy-back of service)
  • RREGOP participation documents remitted by CARRA
  • Possibility of transferring the RREGOP into a locked-in retirement account (LIRA)
  • Possibility of a progressive retirement
  • Plan provisions in case of death.

Features of the training activity

• Online training activity including quizzes.
• Multiple-choice evaluation questionnaire to be completed online. Passing mark: 60%.

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