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1-ProEthics (Group savings/SPB) / 3 PDU

Every day, you are reminded that the growth of your business and your professional success are inextricably tied to the satisfaction of your customers. Strictly adhering to the rules of your profession plays a large part in helping you achieve these objectives.

In order to support you in this endeavour, the CSF is proud to offer a course that will help you put into practice the ethical obligations that your status as a financial service professional and the importance of your role with the public require you to meet. The course will help you hone the skills you’ve acquired during the 2013-2015 mandatory course.

This training activity includes audio narration, interviews, scenarios, and questions that will provide a stimulating and enriching experience. You will discover various resources including useful links, recommendations for related training activities, as well as myriad practical tools available on the CSF’s website.

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Specific objectives

  • Understand the new regulations or regulatory changes relevant to your practice.
  • Review the ethical obligations you have toward your clients, the public, the profession, and other financial service professionals.
  • Identify the regulations that you must comply with and the behaviour you must avoid in the context of business development or promotion of services and financial products.
  • Adopt the best practices when it comes to your relationship with your clients in order to foster consumer trust in the profession.

Topics covered

  • Competence
  • Overall knowledge 1: Know your client
  • Overall knowledge 2: Investor profile
  • Overall knowledge 3: KYC update
  • Ageing clients
  • Signature
  • Client-advisor relationship

Features of this training activity

  • Interactive online training
  • Even though successfully completing this activity does not require a passing grade, a performance indicator will reveal the percentage of your correct answers in each module as you progress through the activity. This indicator’s purpose is to allow you to measure your level of knowledge in compliance and ethics. Moreover, your result is not made public to other members nor is it kept in your PDU record. Your attestation will be available when you complete the activity.
  • The PDUs related to the CSF’s mandatory course on compliance ProEthics can only be awarded once during the two reference periods covered by the course, that is, between the launch of the training activity in November 2016 and the end of the current period on November 30, 2019.

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