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Demystifying the notice of replacement

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The main objective of this training activity is to demystify the mandatory replacement procedure and the infamous notice of replacement. Since the replacement procedure and notice have been modified due to recent regulatory changes, this is an essential tool for all financial security advisors who want to adhere to the rules of ethics and provide compliant service to their clients. 

With its practical examples, useful tips and interactive quizzes, this is a crucial training activity for CSF members who work in insurance of persons.

Specific objectives

  • Determine whether an insurance of persons policy replacement applies to a client’s situation;
  • Understand their regulatory and ethical obligations in the event of a policy replacement;
  • Become familiar with using the policy replacement procedure and the notice;
  • Fill out the notice regardless of the client’s situation.

Features of the training activity

  • Online training activity including a case study, quizzes and tools.
  • Multiple-choice evaluation questionnaire to be completed online. Passing mark: 60%.

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