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" If the CSF disappears,
everybody loses.
Nobody wins. "

The CSF was created to strengthen protection for consumers of financial products and services. Its 32,000 members have the interests and financial health of the millions of Quebecers they advise at heart.

The CSF functions as a professional organization for financial service advisors. Its members work in a specialized and complex sector that requires in-depth knowledge. They are responsible for their actions and, as in a professional order, only peers are qualified to properly evaluate the relevance of their work.

The CSF contributes to establishing a robust financial environment that inspires confidence in consumers. It oversees the professional development, ongoing training and compliance of its members. This ensures that as responsible professionals, advisors place the public interest ahead of their personal interests.

  • Consumers of financial products and services risk losing:
    • A professional organization whose primary mission is to protect Quebec investors
    • A professional organization that ensures that the client’s interests comes first
    • A professional organization that oversees training, a code of conduct and the discipline of its members in the same way as a professional order
    • A professional organization that ensures the highest degree of integrity and professionalism of its members
    • A professional organization that promotes and supports best practices
    • The only organization in the country that oversees several disciplines related to personal finance, thereby ensuring greater coherence in the application of rules
    • An effective organization that costs taxpayers nothing
    • A professional organization managed in Quebec that serves Quebecers
    • Unique expertise in the country
  • The CSF’s 32,000 members risk losing:
    • Their professional status
    • The benefits of a self-regulatory organization, which operates according to the model of a professional order
    • Their right to have a voice in the evolution of their profession
    • Their inalienable right to be judged by their peers on the discipline committee
    • Their participation in the establishment of code of conduct rules
    • Their participation on the board of directors and the discipline committee
    • Ongoing training programs developed by their peers
    • An autonomous and independent infrastructure
    • An organization that contributes to maintaining consumers’ confidence in financial service professionals
    • An organization in proximity to the sector, which understands its needs and those of clients
    • An organization that is helping to foster positive consumer perceptions towards advisors and the profession

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